Our Course Are To Pioneer The Law Of Legal Compromise And Enforce The Bill Of Citizens Equality Rights And Abolish All Alien Law. We Are Enforcers Of Justice And Shall Propagate The Human Rights Police An Enforcement Of The Manifesto Mandate 21st Century. Justice The Bill And Rights Of The Peoples Appraisal Is Our Mandate.

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As An Assembly Of Intelligent Legal Practitioners Not Only Are We Committed To Fighting For The Freedom And Social Welfare Of Man But We Also Provide Services That Helps In Nation Building And Total Liberation Of Man.

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Civil Right

Eradicating Oppressive Injustice

In Modernized Society, The Liberty Of A Democracy Is Not Safe If The People Tolerate The Growth Of Private Power To A Point Where It Becomes Stronger Than Their Democratic State Itself. Lets Stop Ownership Of Government By An Individual, By A Group, Or Any Controlling Private Power.

Human Injustice
Human Injustice

Human Injustice

The Freedom Of A Man Does Not Cost Anything And That Is Why CJA Aims To Separate Justice From Cruelty And Uphold Mercy With Compromise, If The Factor Is Circumstantial To The Errors Negating Man's Sustainability Of Population Dependency.

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CJA Strives To Provide The Best Legal Advice And Services To People In The United Kingdom And Also to Teach Justice Mythology And The Formation Of The Rule Of Law With Antecedent Of The Latter Of Today’s Justice.

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